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Robert P. McGee began his career for the company as a shop hand in 1987, apprenticed, and became a Journeyman Fire Sprinkler installer. Robert took over as Superintendent of Field Operations shortly thereafter and purchased the company in January 2004 succeeding Mr. Ziemke as Corporate President. Mr. McGee covets the working relationships built and continues to build with general contractors, subcontractors, customers, and local authorities. He believes that quality relationships and communication allow for continued growth and success. "Quality... Integrity... Professionalism". ___________________

Vice President of Fox Automatic Sprinkler, Fred O. Ziemke purchased the company from his mentor in 1988. The company underwent a minor name alteration and became Fox Fire Prevention, Inc. Fred continued to carry on the high quality of installation and honorable business practices that the company had come to be known for.


Founder of Fox Automatic Sprinkler in the 1960's, Robert C. Fox owned and managed the company until his retirement in 1988. "My word is my bond" was often heard from him and he ran the company with that kind of integrity his entire career.

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